Your strata can be your home, your community and your investment. Keeping it affordable and cared for while responsive to the needs of the owner is a priority. This requires proactive, knowledgeable and experienced management.

Whether you choose our comprehensive Full Service or a budget-conscious customized Strata Management Service, Quay Pacific works with your Strata Council to improve real estate value while creating a great place to live or work.

Given the task to govern, improve and plan for the future of the strata, our clients see the value in investing in a company that provides experienced guidance and scrutinizes costs while providing great service. We prioritize long-term value and client satisfaction over short-term profits.

Our Promise to You:

  • - Calls are returned within one business day
  • - We provide documented site visits
  • - Our advice will be tailored to your needs
  • - Agendas will have copies of correspondence and directives
  • - Our financial statements are accurate and are provided monthly
  • - You will be supplied with updated owners lists and trades lists
  • - We will provide a team orientated office